football accumulator betting

The football accumulator is one of the most popular bets placed worldwide, with millions of people placing them each week in the hope of winning big. An accumulator bet is a group of teams you choose to win their games, and to get a return every single team in your bet must win. That is what makes it difficult, but it is also what makes the odds very attractive, and just one win can give you a huge profit for the season.

How to Pick a Football Betting Accumulator

When you are looking for teams to pick in your football betting accumulator the first piece of advice to listen to is to not try and put too many teams in your bet. Each week people will place accumulators of 10+ teams on the upcoming games, with almost a zero chance of actually winning. Keeping your bets to a realistic level is the main key to success when you are placing accumulators.

When choosing the teams, don’t be too concerned by the individual odds of each team, you are able to back very short priced favourites in an accumulator if you wish to, because the odds all roll up into one. When you work out accumulator odds on your bet, you will be pleasantly surprised to see what it comes out as, and what you could potentially win.

Stick to the main rule when you are placing your bets, and pick a reasonable number of selections for your football betting accumulator to give yourself a realistic chance of winning.

How to Win Football Accumulators

Selecting a winning football accumulator can be very difficult, so be happy with just one or two wins per season if you only bet once per week. Even this will give you a good profit providing you have used a reasonable amount of selections in your bet.

When you are looking for teams to pick it is always important to check out both league positions and form. You should be looking for teams that are doing well in the league, and ones that are playing well in their recent games. These teams will often be favourites to win their games, but they are ideal for accumulator predictions because you will be selecting many teams together.

One of the last things to do when putting together your football accumulator is to check for any late news that may cause your selections problems. This can be injury news, team news or anything else, and if you are in doubt, take them out of your accumulator and either go with one team less, or replace them with another.

Football Accumulator Betting In Conclusion

When you place a football accumulator bet, you are trying to win a large amount of money for just a small outlay. If you are betting correctly then you will only need one or two winning accumulators per season to give yourself a profit, and that is what we all want to do when we are betting.

However, you must remember the risks associated with accumulator betting, and the obvious one if that all your selections need to win. If you choose ten teams in your accumulator, and nine out of the ten teams win, you will receive nothing back from your bet. This is why it is vitally important that you check over every single team that you place in your bet, because you don’t want them to be the ones that let you down. In other types of bet you can afford to have one or two losing selections, but not in accumulator betting, this is a case of all or nothing.

Try and work out accumulator odds when you are placing a bet on football teams. It is likely that you will be surprised by the big returns on offer, meaning you won’t force yourself to keep adding teams, making your chances of winning very slim. A lot of punters fall into the trap where they put too many teams in their football accumulator bets, make sure you do not do the same as them.