handicap betting

Handicap betting has been used in many sports for a very long time, but it is becoming increasingly popular with football gamblers who are looking for value. When you are placing a bet on the handicap lines, you are using a fictional line that has been created by the bookmakers. This is used to give the weaker team in the game an advantage, and make the game as fair as possible from a betting point of view.

The Goal Handicap

This is the most commonly used handicap line, and works in a simple and easy way that new punters will be able to pick up straight away. When taking advantage of the handicap goal betting, you will be placing a bet that involves a fictional line set up by the bookmakers. If you are backing the favourites, then they will have to win by a certain number of goals for your bet to win. If you are backing the outsider, your team will receive a head start, so they can draw the game, or even lose by a small margin and you could still win.

Example of the Goal Betting Handicap

The goal handicap line on a football game is 2 goals.

If you are backing the favourites to win the game, they have to overcome the 2 goal deficit that the bookmakers have created. This means they need to win the game by three goals or more for your bet to be a successful one.

If you are backing the outsiders then they are given the advantage of a two goal start. For the bet to win in this instance, their team needs to either win the game, draw the game or lose by one goal. If they do that, then your bet has won.

It is possible to get great value when you bet on both sides of the goal handicap. If you think a favourite will win the game very easily, take advantage of the handicap to give yourself a better price. On the other hand, if you feel the game will be close, and the outsider has a chance, backing them on the handicap covers a lot of different outcomes for you.

The Asian Handicap

Asian handicap betting is slightly more complicated than standard handicap betting football, and it doesn’t involve draws, so this is best left until after you have successfully understood and placed bets on normal handicap lines. When using the Asian handicap lines, there is the option to win your bet, receive your stake back, or lose your bet. This depends on how the line is set up, and how well your bet wins.

An Example of Asian Handicap Betting

When a game has an Asian handicap line of 0, the bet is effectively taking the draw out of the equation. If your team wins, then you win the bet at the odds you have taken. On the flipside, if your team loses, then you lose your stake money you have placed on the bet. If the game ends a draw, you will receive your stake back due to the Asian handicap line.

The above example of an Asian handicap betting line also applies to bigger numbers, where again the draw is taken out of the equation. For example, if the line is 2 and the game ends where the favourites win the game by two, people who bet on both sides of the line will receive their stakes back as there has been no clear winner on the line.

Handicap Betting In Conclusion

Using handicap lines can greatly increase your betting profit if you understand them. There are many lines to choose from, with alternative Asian handicap lines as well as alternative standard lines available to bet on.

Be sure to check out the odds on these lines, they may give you a great bet to place on the upcoming big match that wouldn’t be available anywhere else. Whether you back favourites to win comfortably, or outsiders you believe can keep things close, there is always a bet to have on the football handicap.