The Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in world football, and also home to some of the best teams in the world and this year is no different. There are many different ways to bet on the Premier League but if you want to place one bet that will give you an interest all season then look at betting either someone to win the league, or someone to be relegated from the league. This means you get to have an interest throughout the season, without placing weekly bets if you don’t want to do that every single week.

Premier League Winner Odds

After their fantastic start, Manchester City are clear favourites to win the Premier League. Many people predicted this in the summer, and people are still backing them now after they have gone on a great unbeaten run to start their campaign. The best Man City odds out there on them to win the league are 2/13, although this is very short which shows the strength they have shown so far.

If you are looking elsewhere for value then the team a lot of people will be looking at is Manchester United, who have started well although they haven’t been able to keep up with the pace of their city rivals. The best Man Utd odds out there are 16/1, a price that will shrink if they can find a way to bridge the gap between them and City over the coming weeks. That will be hard, but they look the one team capable of doing that right now, and the next few weeks will determine whether or not that can challenge for the title.

Best of the Rest Premiership Odds

The third team who have done well enough to deserve a mention is Tottenham . They started the season very poorly, losing some early home games at their temporary home of Wembley. That affected them in the first part of the season, but they have since bounced back and look to be credible challengers. The best Tottenham odds to win the Premier League are 33/1, which shows that despite their recent improvements they are still classed as outsiders this season. They do have an exciting young squad though, so expect to see them in with a chance of winning the Premier League for the next few seasons.

Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal are the other clubs in the top six who will be looking to make at least the top four this season. If you want to back either of these for a surprise victory then the latest Chelsea Premier League betting odds are 28/1, the Arsenal odds are 100/1 and the Liverpool odds are 80/1.

Premier League Odds for Relegation

If you want to look elsewhere for an interest then looking towards the bottom of the league is something a lot of people do. This can be just as competitive as the places at the top, and there is a lot on the line when it comes to Premier League survival, nobody wants to drop down into the Championship.

The latest relegation odds have Swansea City as the favourites to be relegated into the Championship this season. They have started very poorly and look in deep trouble already, although fans of theirs will remember they fought their way out of a similar position last season. They will be clinging onto that right now, but those backing them for relegation will be hoping that this season is a step too far for them.

The bottom club in the Premier League right now is Crystal Palace, and they are second favourites to be relegated from the league. They started abysmally, although they have shown improvement in recent weeks and that is probably why they are not favourites for the drop, despite being bottom right now.

Elsewhere, West Ham, West Brom and Stoke are all established Premier League clubs but this season they have started poorly. That is likely to mean they will have to battle out of the position they are in at some point, the sooner the better otherwise one of those big names could find themselves in the English Championship next season.