football betting system

When you are looking for different ways to bet on football you should always look out for opportunities where you can bet using the stats you have. Football stats are found online for free and after taking a look at these, you can work them into the bets you place.

Best Football Betting Strategy

The best football betting strategy is one that you can work out for yourself and use to your own advantage, without relying on someone else. The best way to bet on football is to use stats and work them into your betting. With just a small amount of research you can find yourself some great bets to place, based on the stats of what has happened so far this season.

Football Predictions Table

The above table is easily accessible to anyone on the website Soccer Stats and it is an invaluable tool for punters. Take a look at the stats on that picture, they are all to do with goals scored by each team this season. These stats can form the central part of your football betting system. Football betting stats are the best way to achieve profitable football betting.

Take Advantage of Fixed Betting Odds

Many of you will have seen that bookmakers offer a line on whether there will be over 2.5 goals or under 2.5 goals in a game. The stats so far for the line this season for every individual team are listed above so by using the table you can work out who to back under and who to back over.

The odds on this bet are usually just below evens, which means you need to find something that has a better than 55% chance of winning for it to be value.

If you are looking at the over 2.5 line then the teams Liverpool and Manchester City have successfully gone over that line in 67% of their games. This is considerably higher than the 55% line the betting is at, so that makes this bet a great value bet that will give you a profit over a long period of time.

When looking at the under 2.5 line you need to look for low percentages, this is teams that have only had 2.5 goals in their games a small number of times. A great matchup for this line would be Burnley vs Brighton. Burnley have been involved in games with over 2.5 goals just 17% of the time, while Brighton are standing at 33%. Both of these numbers are dramatically lower than the odds on the bet, meaning it is a great value bet to place and one that will give a profit over a long period.

If you would like to use different lines then the stats are available for you for the 0.5, 1.5, 3.5 and 4.5 lines, so once you get settled and you are picking out profitable bets you can look to expand what you do. This will open up many other doors for you when you are betting and it gives you a lot of potential bets to choose from when the weekend approaches. This is a great way to put yourself in a good position going into the weekends, with many options that you can narrow down and make a profit from.

How to Win Football Bets

Winning on our football bets is something we all want to do, and if you take the time to study some stats you can put yourself in a winning position. The stats surrounding goal scoring will give you many different potential bets and it does not take long to update your stats as the teams play more games. After betting for a few weeks you will know what teams to look out for and the ones that are being profitable for you.

The way to profitable betting begins with research and it ends with putting your research into football betting stats and creating bets for the upcoming weekend. When you start to place your bets you will have an added interest, so you should have no problem when it comes to watching out for trends, those who are winning and those who are losing. Do that and you have the key to unlock betting profit.