betting strategies

Predicting Premier League winners is very difficult to do if you do not have a strategy to use. However, if you do have a strategy, or maybe even multiple betting strategies, then you can be someone who successfully predicts the correct outcomes of Premier League games.

Look for Value in Your Football Predictions for the Weekend

Value is the most important part of betting, no matter what sport but especially in football. It may be easy to predict that Manchester City will win every week, and on most weekends they do, but do they offer any value at their price which is nearly always odds on? They very rarely are, instead look out for lower teams who you believe can win a game because the stats points towards that. Finding value is what the truly profitable punters do, and in the long run value is the key to being a success.

When searching for value look out for things like teams with good solid home records, or teams that play a good away game and can be backed at a big price away from home.

Find Out the Team News for Your Premier League Fixtures Predictions

There are many teams out there that rely on two or three star players to get them through. Should any of those players miss their upcoming games then their chances of winning would reduce dramatically. If you can keep on top of the latest team news you could take advantage of that when you are placing your bets. The Premier League betting odds may change when the bookmakers find out what team is expected to play, but if you can get in first you put yourself in a good position.

Keeping ahead of the latest news can really enhance your betting and give you the chance to make profit.

Use Your Human Knowledge of the Game

We often forget that we have knowledge of an upcoming game and we can use that to our advantage when betting with it. For example, you don’t have to know anything about football to know that Manchester United and Manchester City are huge local rivals, who both have a big disliking for each other. Their games are going to be passionate and hard fought, ideal for someone who likes to bet on the total bookings in a game. This type of knowledge can really help you, as can knowledge that football fans know. Are players or managers visiting and old club, has there been controversy between the teams before, all of this can assist your betting in some way if you think about it.

Always Check the Premier League Winner Odds

Although there are no games during the summer, there is always plenty going off in the football world. As news breaks of important signings, injuries or anything else that is relevant, be sure to check out how that has affected the Premier League betting odds. The changes in the market can give you value elsewhere, for example if Manchester City sign two world class players then they are likely to shorten in the betting without kicking a football. That could make one or two of their rivals value against them, especially if you think they are going to make a big signing too.

Vary your Premier League Betting Markets

One thing that has really changed with football betting since the emergence of online betting has been the number of markets available. These confuse some people, but if you use them to your advantage then it opens up many different ways to make a profit. The markets on offer vary massively but they all have one thing in common, they narrow down a game from one big game into little segments. Betting on a small part of the match, for example who will win the first half or who will score the first goal is a great way to focus in on a small part of the game.

If you want to make a profit from your football betting then you need to look at more markets than just the traditional win market. Look elsewhere, experiment with different ideas and try your luck, you may just find yourself dropping on something you love.