Football Betting Tips

Online sports betting and football betting tips are the most prominent markets in the gambling world and players from all over the world can access a multitude of sporting events with a huge variety of odds that support them. Betting online on sports has never been easier and it is not difficult to win a few wagers even if you have only a vague knowledge of football.

On the other hand, betting on sports with the belief that your sports knowledge alone is enough to beat the bookmakers is ill-advised. Nonetheless it is possible to make a profit from sports betting, provided you are selective with which markets you access and which events you place bets on.

Deciding which companies to use can be the hardest part of betting online as there are so many betting websites to choose from and a plethora of welcome bonuses to entice new customers. Most sites are reputable and safe to use. Inevitably however, there are a few that are not; you should always shop around.

Here are a couple of extra tips to help you win online:

  • Compare all odds with comparison sites.
  • Make sure you shop around for welcome bonuses.
  • Sign up to offers and free bets
  • Create accounts with multiple betting companies.
  • Do your research with all sports markets.
  • Study the form and ignore personal bias.

Compare Odds with Comparison Sites

With the likes of Bet 365, William Hill and Ladbrokes dominating the UK sports betting markets, there can appear too many companies to pick from which can cloud decisions. Websites such as offer various tools that you can use to your benefit.

Each football match for example can contain over 150 betting markets, and each company prices each market differently which brilliantly breaks down for you. This allows you to hand pick the odds that suit you.

Shop around for welcome bonuses

The amount of competition in the sports betting market provides an underbelly of incredible welcome bonuses being offered by companies in order to get you to sign up to their online sites. Almost all betting sites have bookie offers and bonuses for you to take advantage of. There are many different types of welcome bonuses, ranging from cash to free bet credits. Matched bonuses are the most popular form of welcome gifts from betting companies. A matched bonus is a form of deposit bonus that is equal (100%) to the size of your deposit. The matched bonus is most commonly applied to your first deposit and all matched bonuses come with terms and conditions such as turnover requirement and minimum odds.

Sign-up offers and Free Bets

Free Bets are a very popular form of welcome bonus for new customers. A free bet is a sum of money the a bookie gives out to bet within their sportsbook. Winners obviously get to keep the bet’s winnings without the sum of the original stake. Bet winnings can sometimes be returned without any requirements attached, but sometimes you have to wager their net winnings before they can withdraw them.

Multiple Betting Accounts

Signing up with multiple sites is a good idea for a multitude of reasons. Primarily it simplifies comparing odds and lines when placing wagers. Using multiple sites also means more bonuses and rewards to take advantage of which these can prove to be very valuable. Most sites also have some kind of loyalty program in place, to reward their existing customers and keep them interested.

Research all sports markets

Possessing sports knowledge is a useful tool and can be profitable but researching the markets can increase profitability immensely. Becoming familiar with what markets are available (and there’s lots of them) can be a gold mine for you. Most tennis/football/rugby/golf events possess hundreds of markets that can be accessed and researching the intricacies of them all is essential.

Soccer predictions and football betting odds dominate the sports market with football game predictions being one of the best ways of winning money through sports betting.  Making bet predictions through online football betting can often be a lucrative option for you, as football odds tend to be some of the most varied.

Study form and ignore personal bias

Form in all sports events is a decisive factor, so being aware of trends in performances can also be a profitable business. You need to ignore all affiliations for teams or players supported so that you can retain a balanced view point when looking to make money through sports betting.